October 12, 2021

“What’s in your name?

Is that your company name?” is the title of a list of what is called “best financial management companies” at the start of this year’s Startup Week.

I’m not a big fan of the phrase, but it seems to be on everyone’s radar this year.

While there’s a good chance I’ll use the term in the future, the list has to be worth the hype.

The best financial firms are not necessarily ones with the most innovative or highest-profile products, but rather the ones that are most focused on providing their customers with the best possible experience.

Here are the top 10 startups to watch in 2017.1.

Avera, Inc. | San Francisco, California-based startup Averas platform focuses on financial technology that can improve your ability to manage your money, manage your time and simplify your financial lives.

The company was founded in 2016 by co-founders Eric Yoh and Sam Czernin.2.

Algolia, Inc | London, United Kingdom-based Algolias financial platform has raised more than $10 million in venture funding.3.

Bancor, Inc., founded in 2014 by two University of Maryland graduates, Bancorp provides financial services to banks.4.

Beepy, Inc, an on-demand mobile payments company.5.

Bittrex, Inc./Vanguard Group, Inc.-based exchange that connects traders with their peers in a market.6.

Circle, Inc.: an online marketplace where people can buy, sell and trade bitcoin.7.

Crowdtoken, Inc.–the token that powers the Ethereum platform that’s under development by Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin.8.

Crowdfund, Inc.(Facebook): the company behind Crowdfund allows people to make donations to charities.9.

Crowdpac, Inc.; founded in 2015 by two Stanford University graduates, Crowdpac allows people around the world to make loans to anyone.10.

CROP, Inc: a financial technology startup focused on blockchain.11.

Crypto Currency Trading Platform, Inc.—the online marketplace for cryptocurrency trading.12.

Digibyte, Inc.–an online platform for digital asset management, investment and trading.13.

Ethereum Fund, Inc; a cryptocurrency trading platform.14.

eNasdaq, Incorporated: the marketplace for online securities exchange.15.

eXchange, Inc.’s platform, eXtrade, connects financial institutions with their customers in a way similar to traditional broker-dealers.16.

Flexio, Inc.): an online financial trading platform, providing digital trading capabilities for both traditional and digital securities.17.

FunFair, Inc/Pulse Financials, Inc(Google): an online exchange for the sharing of financial information.18.

IOTA, Inc.*; the technology that powers digital currencies, Ethereum and the underlying blockchain.19.

Invest in Myself, Inc| a platform for creating investment portfolios, investing strategies and managing your own wealth.20.

LendSmart, Inc (Facebook): a marketplace for lending.21.

LendingTree, Inc : a digital platform for lending and equity investments.22.

Luxa Capital, Inc• an online platform that provides financial advisors with tools for making decisions.23.

Ocado Capital, LLC: a marketplace of mutual funds, mutual funds products, ETFs and futures.24.


“This is a list that I think is quite impressive.

The companies listed here are not only a testament to their innovative approach to finance, but also to the fact that the investors are getting their money back.

For example, you’ll see that they’re investing in their own businesses, and they’re getting paid back.

I think it’s very inspiring.”–Jenny D. Klein, executive director, Entrepreneurship NetworkUSA, an affiliate of Entrepreneurs Inc.25.

Payscale, Inc .26.

RBS Financial Services Group (Banks): a financial services company focused on investment banking.27.

Safebox, Inc.): an online retail platform for providing goods and services.28.

Slock.it, Inc.]–The app allows you to build, customize and deploy any kind of decentralized system, from an online shop to a decentralized marketplace.29.

StateFarm, Inc.).


StateBank, Inc.), which was founded by University of Michigan graduates, StateBank helps financial institutions and the global economy by lending money to people, through technology and partnerships.31.

Stellar, Inc).


Storj, Inc) 33.

Trivago, Inc ).


Trixion, Inc); the company focuses on the data and analytics of data centers, which helps companies improve their operational efficiency.35.

Twilio, LLC; the company makes it easy to make and receive calls, text messages, photos and videos.36.

Uber, Inc), which

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