October 30, 2021

By ALAN JONES and ROBERT KIRKWOODENENAssociated PressEditor’s note: The Associated Press is using the term “financial management” because the business is considered to be in financial management.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says it is not calling for the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the bank because the bank has been a major player in financing the construction of Trump’s proposed border wall.

The bank, which is known as Bank of America, has invested in major projects, including the construction and leasing of the massive Dakota Access Pipeline.

In December, the bank said it would fund $1 billion of the construction cost of the wall.

The bank is expected to pay $1.1 billion in taxes, $600 million in interest and $1 million to the U.N. for environmental cleanup.

The Chamber said on Monday that while the bank will be a significant part of the project, the project itself is a waste of money and an economic drain on taxpayers.

The chamber said it wants Congress to investigate whether the bank’s loans and guarantees for the wall are in financial control.