September 10, 2021

A group of Cengaging Financial Management professionals are now calling for the president’s nominee to be investigated and questioned for her ties to a Trump campaign group.

Cengages founder, Jeff Weiner, has been nominated to lead the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the nation’s largest bank regulator.

A list of other nominations, including former JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon, is up for review.

The nominations were made public this week after the Federal Election Commission rejected a request from Cengagers CEO and founder Jeff Weiner to investigate the Trump campaign.

Weiner was nominated to be Fed commissioner by President-elect Donald Trump on Jan. 2.

CFPB Chair Michael Froman has said the agency has a long track record of protecting taxpayers and the financial markets.

Weiner is also a former Wall Street executive who founded Cengagement Financial Management, a group that focuses on managing large corporations.

He is the CEO of CFI Group, a financial management and tax consulting firm.

Weiner has also been involved in Trump’s transition team and on the campaign trail.

Weiner received the Goldman Sachs Group of America’s 2012 Leadership Award for his leadership in helping to develop and grow CFI.

Weiner also serves as the executive director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, where he oversaw the bank’s financial stability efforts.

Weiner’s nomination was one of a flurry of announcements that followed the election of Trump as president.

Earlier this month, CFPBs top regulator, Jon J. Volcker, said he would be retiring at the end of the year, a year earlier than planned.

Volker, who also serves on Trump’s National Economic Council, told the Wall Street Journal in November that he would step down at the conclusion of the Trump administration.

A number of CFPOs also announced that they would cut jobs and/or lay off workers.

CFE has also reported that CFPs top regulator has raised concerns about the financial services industry in general and the CFP companies in particular.

CME Group Inc. and Citi Group Inc., the two largest U.S. banks, have also cut jobs in the past year.

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Maccoby also announced plans to lay off nearly 700 employees in January.