September 18, 2021

The new Financial Manager Academy at DDS Financial Management academy will teach students about the financial management process.

The program will focus on the fundamentals of financial planning, the importance of the company’s financial position, and the benefits of investing in your retirement.

The new school also offers courses in investing, accounting, and taxes. 

In addition to offering the new financial management course, the new school is also offering new courses for financial advisors and employees. 

There is no word yet on when the new academy will open.

The financial management academy is currently in its third year, and has already taught over 400 students. 

The school is a joint venture of the financial services industry and DS Financial. 

This year, the DS Financial management academy also has a new Financial Advisor Academy that teaches students about all aspects of the investment process, and includes a new financial planner course for its advisors. 

DS Financial is not the only financial service company that has an Academy program, but the company that launched it is one of the biggest in the industry. 

 Forbes estimated that the financial service industry is worth about $20 trillion, and DS is the second largest financial services company after JPMorgan Chase (JPM). 

The financial service sector has been growing at an exponential rate over the past two decades, with the number of financial advisors, financial managers, and employees in the United States rising by more than 40 percent over the same time period.