September 27, 2021

The newly named CEO of Phoenix Investment Management has revealed he’s not going to quit his job, despite the uncertainty surrounding the state of the Phoenix.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I don’t want to quit,” Gilbert said during a live interview on Tuesday.

“And I don, too, I don´t want to lose my job, and I donât want my job to go away.”

The Arizona Attorney General’s office has been looking into whether Gilbert and his associates violated securities laws by purchasing a significant portion of a public company, a move which was also approved by the Arizona legislature.

The Phoenix Investment group, founded in 2002 by Gilbert and former Phoenix police chief Larry Fong, had been valued at $3 billion when the company went public.

The Arizona legislature approved a measure on Monday that would allow the state to seize the assets of the investment group as part of a criminal investigation into whether they violated securities law.

However, Gilbert and the group have repeatedly said they have no plans to quit their jobs, and the company said Tuesday it will continue to invest in Arizona, including in Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa.

The investment group was founded by Gilbert, former Phoenix Police Chief Larry Fosch, and his son, and was valued at around $3.5 billion before being acquired by Phoenix Investment.

Gilbert has been a staunch supporter of the Arizona Democratic Party, but his actions in the past few weeks have prompted calls from critics for him to step down.

Gilberts statement is the latest in a series of controversial comments from the CEO, which have included statements calling Black Lives Matter a “movement of the past”, comparing the Black Lives Movement to the Nazi Party, and comparing President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

“The President has been elected by millions of people who want to live in a better America, a country where every man and woman is equal.”

There is no better place to build a better future than in Phoenix, Arizona, a state where every woman has a right to choose, where every student is free to learn, where everyone can pursue their dreams, and where no one should be left behind,” Gilbert wrote in August.

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