September 2, 2021

A look at the five banks that dominate the world’s financial markets, their main competitors and how they’ve been making money for decades.

1 / 5 Reuters The five banks in charge of the world The big five: Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of Japan and State Street.

2 / 5 REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton Citigroup is now the world´s largest bank, after buying Bear Stearns in 2009.

It is the second-largest lender after JP Morgan Chase and has a market value of about $60tn (£40tn).

3 / 5 AFP/Getty Images JP Morgan has a value of $60bn and State Stearnes has a valuation of about the same amount.

4 / 5 Getty Images State Street is the largest US financial firm by market capitalisation, with assets of $7.6tn (£5.5tn).

It also holds stakes in several European banks.

5 / 5 AP The biggest banks in America Bank of the West, which is owned by Goldman Sachs, is worth $25bn.

It holds stakes worth $3.5bn in Bank of Cyprus, which has been the target of a crackdown on money laundering and tax evasion.

1/5 Reuters The big bank’s main rival State Street, which runs a range of businesses, is owned for the first time by private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management.

Its assets are worth $9bn.

2/5 REUTERS/Jim Bourg The hedge fund manager, who has been appointed chief executive of the US Federal Reserve in March, is the highest-profile investment banker to be appointed by the US government since President Trump took office.

3/5 AFP/ Getty Images Cerberus is owned of $10bn by private investors.

4/5 Getty Images The US Treasury is holding stakes in two US banks, Bank Of America and Citigroup.

5/5 AP 1/6 Reuters The US financial market has been a wild ride since the 2008 financial crisis, which began when the housing bubble burst.

REUTERS/Gary Cameron The five big banks have been hugely profitable since 2008.

They are worth around $100tn and are still worth about $1.5trn each.

2,3/5Reuters The world’s top five banks have a combined market capitalization of $2.3trn.

4: Reuters/Reuters The UK’s Royal Bank of Scotland, the US’s Citigroup and the US-based State Street Financial Services Group are the five largest banks in the world.

5: AP The big banks in New York, London and Singapore hold stakes in dozens of other US banks.

1,2/5AP Bank of Canada has a lot of big business.

Its shares are worth almost $1tn, while it is one of the biggest issuers of mortgage bonds.

3,4/5AFP/GettyImages The US-owned Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ is worth more than $1trn and the Bank of England is worth around £700bn.

5,6/5Getty Images The biggest British bank, Barclays, is also the biggest US bank.

6/5Rex 1 / 6 Reuters The world´ s top five bank´s main rival Bank of Britain, which owns shares in JPMorgan Chase and State Farm, is estimated to have a market capitalised of $1bn.

The group’s market value is around $1 trillion.

2: Reuters The biggest US financial company, Bank-of-America, is valued at about $40bn.

Banks such as Citigroup are valued at $20bn each.

3 / 6 REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Bank of North America has a large US business, and is worth about the price of some American flags.

It has assets worth $10tn.

4,5Reuters Banks such a Citigroup have been the main rivals of US financial giants since the financial crisis began in 2008.

State Street has a valued valuation of around $50tn and is owned mainly of US mortgages and other debt.

5 GettyImages US banks have also been the source of a great deal of trouble for President Donald Trump, whose administration has been under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged insider trading.

1: Reuters One of the main reasons that many of the big banks are so profitable is that they are owned by people who are not US citizens, making it easier for them to manipulate the markets.

2 Reuters/Kevin Larabouche Citigroup has a huge shareholdings in US banks and is valued in some markets at more than US$150bn.

Its market value can reach $50bn.

3 Getty Images Bank of Nova Scotia and State Streets are owned of US taxpayers and have a valuation that is estimated at around $150bn each 4,6Reuters Bank of Australia has a stake in a range at least two of the largest banks and owns a significant stake in Commonwealth Bank, which also holds shares in the US banks which have been targeted by US authorities.

5 APThe big

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