September 8, 2021

Financial management is a core topic of a new podcast, Financial Management 101, which will be broadcast on the ABC’s iView on Thursday.

The podcast will cover a range of topics from how to keep your money in a safe, how to manage your personal finances, and how to spend it.

“Financial management is not just about money, it’s about how to think about it,” co-hosts Lisa Statham and Michelle Burdon said in a statement.

“Whether you’re a mother or grandmother, a teacher or an accountant, it really is about managing your finances in a way that is safe, secure and sustainable.”‘

We are really, really close’The podcast is a collaboration between Statham, who is an accountant and Burdons research assistant, and Bunnings partner, John Tait.

“We wanted to give a voice to a group of people who are really really close to us, and we are really passionate about the topic of financial management,” Statham said.

“In fact, I’ve been involved with financial management for 20 years and have a lot of people that have really helped me through that time.”

I’ve been a financial planner for about 20 years.

I’ve done a lot in the field, so I think this is a really good opportunity for people to really learn about it.

“Financial management 101 is part of the ABCs Financial Markets podcast series, which also features financial adviser and advisor, Financial Markets: The Podcast.

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