September 19, 2021

Courserapad students are teaching students how to make smart financial decisions and earn money with Courserab, the education service of the University of California.

Key points:The students are helping to make financial sense for people around the world by looking at how to set up their personal financial goals and budgetingHow to manage money for a long term career.

Students are looking at the ways financial planning is a long-term career pathway, and how to plan for a lifetime of savingsHow to set aside cash and savings in a savings account, and manage the amount each monthHow to create a savings plan to grow your savingsHow do you save for your retirement, including savings for a rainy day fundHow to save for college education and other life goalsHow to look at your assets and plan for their future.

The course is a partnership between Courseria, a global learning platform, and Beacon Financial Management, a financial planning software provider.

“The courses are being taught at Courseras main campus in San Francisco, and they are part of Courseraphone, a new service we have launched that will enable us to bring these courses to the masses,” said Courseray’s CEO, David Grazier.

“It is exciting to see so many people using Courseraps new platform, because it allows for our users to share their personal knowledge and the results they get are inspiring.”

Courserapads website, Courserashare, has a dedicated section for the Courserafloud series.

The first three courses are designed for individuals aged 18 to 34 and are free.

Courseraweathers course, for example, is an introduction to how to invest and manage your money.

“We have seen great success with Coursbundle and Coursbook, and we are excited to work with Coursserapades new platform,” Mr Graziers said.

“If you are looking to learn more about financial planning, it’s a great way to start.”

To learn more, visit or download the Coursboot app on your smartphone.