August 7, 2021

Financial manager who manages millions of dollars worth of assets is getting a new job.

The Financier Management Financiere (FMB) has hired Jamie Lachman as its new head of corporate finance.

Lachman is also the CEO of the Financial Services Authority, which oversees the UK’s financial markets.

“Jamie Lachmann is a former managing director at HSBC, one of the largest global financial institutions, and he has a lot of experience in this area,” said the FMB.

“I am very excited to have him join our team.”

Lachmann previously worked at the Bank of America and Barclays, where he led the bank’s UK operations.

He also worked as an analyst at JPMorgan, where his duties included analysing the financial performance of financial firms.

The FMB will be led by David Cairns, a former head of the UK central bank and an advisor to the government on the UK banking industry.