August 15, 2021

President Donald Trump is a financial idiot who can’t understand the value of his own companies, according to a former adviser who has spoken out about the President’s financial mismanagement.

In a rare interview with the Wall Street Journal, Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News, said that he would not back down on his criticisms of Trump and his administration’s policies because he believed the President had the “mental capacity to run the country.”

“It’s one thing to think that it’s a financial problem.

It’s not.

It is,” Bannon told the Journal in a lengthy interview published Thursday.”

I think the President is a total failure.

He can’t handle his own finances,” he continued.

“He is a failure.

It doesn’t matter what he says.

He is a complete failure.

You know what?

He has a brain tumor.

It has been surgically removed.

He has no mental capacity.

I think the president has a complete inability to manage the economy.

He’s a failure.”

In his first full public comments since his ouster last week, Bannon appeared to blame the media for pushing the false narrative that the President was a victim of the Russians and the media, including Fox News, for their coverage of his dismissal from the White House.

Bannon’s remarks came just a day after Trump said he was not going to hold a press conference to address his White House troubles, and instead would be focusing on his agenda.

Bryan Fischer, who hosts a show on the right-wing American Family Radio network, said in an interview that Bannon’s remarks were not a surprise.

“He said the exact same thing I have been saying for months,” Fischer told Breitbart News.

“It is simply that he doesn’t understand why he has been fired.

He doesn’t even know who he is.

He never really had the capacity to handle himself as President, but he doesn.

He thinks that he’s doing something right.

He believes that he has a lot of support in the White Trump Tower.

He thought he had some kind of an advantage in the way the White Houses were run.

But the reality is that he does not have any support in this White House.”

Fischer said that his guests were surprised to hear Bannon was not willing to address the WhiteHouse’s financial problems, given that Trump had not released his financial statements for the first few months of his presidency.

Bauer, a Trump ally and former Breitbart News executive, said the President would not be able to “handle his own financial affairs,” which he said would result in an “incredibly damaging” failure to serve the country.

“If the President of the United States is incapable of managing his own money, the next thing he would be doing is trying to manage his own White House finances,” Bannon said.

“That’s just a fact.

He will never get the kind of people that he needs.

He would be a total disaster.””

I’ve said it before, he’s a complete financial idiot.

He cannot manage his money,” Bannon added.

“I don’t know if it’s something that he is able to do, but I’m going to do everything in my power to try to find out what’s going on.”

Bannon also claimed that Trump’s “total failure” to govern the country would result from “the failure of the American people” to understand how important his administration was to the national economy.

“You can’t be president of the country and then ignore your own people.

And the fact that you don’t understand that is the biggest problem that you have in terms of a presidency.

You have people that do understand that.

And you have to learn to deal with that,” Bannon claimed.”

What is your policy?

What is your vision for America?

That’s what’s important,” Bannon continued.