August 4, 2021

Dems are aiming to repeal the ACA’s insurance mandate and roll back some of its taxes in a new spending package, but they’re still trying to find the $1 trillion to spend on Medicaid and other critical health care programs.

The bill would also provide $3.2 trillion in emergency spending, including money to assist states with Medicaid expansion and help cover the cost of expanding coverage to millions of people who have lost coverage.

It would also help pay for $10 billion for states that expand Medicaid.

Democrats are also working on legislation that would give states a way to set up health insurance exchanges, allowing people to buy policies from state-run insurers and insurers in neighboring states.

Democrats are hoping to move forward on the legislation in the next few weeks.

But even with all of the new money, the House could still not muster enough votes to pass a spending bill.

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have said they plan to use the extra money to help the government cover its bills for the holidays and fund the government for another year.