July 10, 2021

The Canadian Medical Association has issued a call for all healthcare professionals to learn the financial management workshop and apply to become a financial manager.

“The CMA is committed to providing training to all our healthcare professionals, and this workshop is a fantastic opportunity to further our collective mission to build a stronger, more resilient healthcare system,” said Dr. Pauline Leblanc, CMA president and CEO.

“We know the financial managers who are best able to meet this need are often the ones most committed to our community, our communities and our patients.”

Leblann says the CMA’s financial management certification program will allow healthcare professionals from all disciplines to obtain a license to manage financial accounts.

“A financial management certifications will provide financial managers with the tools and skills to be a financial leader in the health care arena,” she said.

The CMA has also launched a program that will provide free financial management training for students and their families to help them get a sense of how to effectively manage their own health and finances.

This year, the organization is partnering with the Toronto Medical Association and Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children to offer free financial training to anyone who has completed the CMOP exam.

The program is designed to provide students with an overview of the CMP and the financial accounting principles involved in financial management.

In addition, the program will offer financial management coaching sessions to those who have completed the program.

The first class of the program starts March 13, with more classes expected to be available this year.

Financial Management: A Career for Everyone from Healthcare Providers to Hospitals is available now.

For more information, visit www.healthcareforlife.ca or call 1-800-CMP-COVID-19.