July 14, 2021

Financial management book buku is the title of the latest book by the global financial technology firm buku.

It’s the latest in a series of books on the subject.

It was written by the firm’s founder, Chris Barra, who founded a financial management company called Financial Strategies in 2012.

The first edition of the book, which was written for clients, was released in April 2017.

It has sold more than 3.5 million copies.

The book includes an introduction by Barra and a chapter by John Dolan, the chief executive of investment firm BlackRock.

Barra also wrote the book about financial technologies, which he calls the “future of financial” for financial services companies.

The next book, entitled Financial Management: From the Field to the Boardroom, will be released in November.

Barracuda says the book will help people understand how to be financial professionals and how to make better decisions, in a digital world.

He also says the financial world is getting more complicated.

Barras book was released on the same day as the announcement that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who is a co-founder of buku, resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment.

He is scheduled to appear before a Senate panel later this week.

In a statement, Uber said the company has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and has taken measures to strengthen the culture at the company.